today I'm 23

today I’m 23
and I want this year to be
full of memories , brand new adventures
and experience
a bit less scared of judgement
and more about what makes me

& curious
that’s what I aspire to be
and if my childlike dreams are making you furious
Do Not Take It Out On Me

today I’m 23
harsh words , snapping temper
threats and broken promises
cannot get a hold of me
your kicks are not quick enough
my bruises have faded
I’ve come a long way

in short (terribly long) 5 year
I changed e v e r y t h i n g around

it took a million places
many mistakes
taking deep breaths
walking through fears

I’m safe now

my bedroom is purple again
and I live with lovely people
who’d never raise a hand ( or voice
as a matter of fact )

I’ve found a good ground
where seeds of quirky ideas
and crazy big dreams
can finally grow…

— Farnham , 2018