unconventional , isn't it

I don’t mind at all
having to take the unconventional way
I’m not looking for the sort of “success
we were raised to chase

my aim is more for
experience and moments
and I like this journey now
a whole adventure
of walking-in an unknown path

connections and stories
are my fuel
waves of the ocean
and candy coloured sky

I live by believing
that being kind
is far more valuable
than any power play

if you’re about to bite me
I’ll try and remain
as open and vulnerable as I can
because that is real strength
I’ll try to only speak from
a place of love
that everyone deserves
so that you have a chance
to realize… you don’t have to hurt
Others either

I can’t wait for the time
when everyone is celebrated
for their own unique self
instead of being put down

— unconventional , isn’t it

rebellionElyna Winters