where ever we'd like to go - next

I go to places
I push the limits
coz I want to see how much
I can do
I’d rather trust my heart
than a fearful mind
telling me no

if I lived within the walls
other people set up for me
I wouldn’t have done anything at all
so don’t tell me to listen
if all you can say is
that, I couldn’t

that I’m not allowed to belong here
coz I’m sorry, but who are you to tell me
where my place should be
I give value . I try
I try to leave each place
a little bit nicer behind
than how I found it

I see the the stories behind broken marks
I see who you are
so don’t try to stop me
— being kind —
coz that’s all I want to do

not for anything in return
just because I know how important it is
one word , one smile
can change a whole line of misleading
thoughts, telling you that you’re not

and to be fair
I don’t even mind
if we stay or not
I just want to give what ever I can
as much as I know
as much as I gathered so far
I’m happy to share
and then we’re good to go
where ever we’d like to go

— next

rebellionElyna Winters