the messy part (vol.2)

— My brain is messy but really sweet things come out of it so I kinda like it now. —

I want to capture more of this journey. I want to write it down. Lock it into pictures, videos and sounds.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the social pressure of what is required of us at what age and the sort of lifestyle we should have to be successful… but maybe it’s not that bad to have our own unique journey. maybe it’s kinda nice and… more fulfilling? (I’ll keep you updated)

It is also easy to get scared of other people’s judgment, especially starting a new approach that is a bit unusual maybe. but where I’m getting to at the moment is that

I can only ever do what I can do
and they can say whatever they want.
I can give my perspective if there’s a chance or if I want to
OR if I manage to form sentences in the moment of freaking out with silent anxiety being in the situation,
they can believe it, or not
I will never have more control over other people’s opinions about me, ever
so I shouldn’t worry about it either?
just keep doing what makes me feel snazzy and good
and just be nice, ya know. that is important. x

In my bedroom .

Elyna Winters