i am wonderlust | write every day in august 03

I feel like this month is quickly becoming a month of courage and finding where I stand right now after everything. In the meantime, shifting being afraid into excitement . worry into curiosity . self-harm into self-love and taking good care . Dissolving fear and illusions of not being good enough. You are . I am . We all are . Beautiful as we are . Inside out. Outside in . And you and only you define yourself each and every day , however you want it to be.

 // Change now or stay the same , say what you want to say . There’s no rules on how to go on your way . Don’t waste your time on the people who are confined to only see what clinched in their mind. Sometimes it’s hard to have the courage to start over again but never be afraid to fight for yourself ♥️ // patr - what we are 🎧

being wonderlust . is my first foundation .