the messy part | write every day in august 02

Funny enough , my laptop died  right after I posted an insta story that I would write / create every day in August. 

It’s funny because in between the two, I also had a micro meltdown thinking what the hell have I done and about to do. Terrified to practice things I like and share it with others... why? 

It is beautiful the messy part when you start something new and maybe it’s only a matter of perspective how we precieve it.  A terrifing wall between us and perfection (that doesn’t exist) or the most exciting , surprising way to learn and experience and even , enjoy exchaning our energy into something we love.

Why are we so afraid of the exact things , people , places , we desire the most...? What is it that holds us back? I truly believe that our dreams and feelings were put in our heart for a reason and they matter. 

I don’t ever want to be ashamed of dreaming, loving and believing in magic because I think it’s fckng beautiful to live a life full of wonder.