dammit August

Maybe I didn’t write every day this August but it was definitly enough to get my juices flowing, so what seems like a fail , for the purpose it served, was quite a success .

Just like any of my misadventures recently  . They all stood for moving me forward , further from fears and closer to dreams. 

This year is for me

Epic , wonderlust , truly independent me. Do everything I like , go anywhere I want . I suppressed everything in me for so long . I want life , now more than ever . I want to eat good food and not have a silent melt down debating if I should . I want to have fun without a heartwrench, wondering if I deserve it. I just want to be me without any facade of looking cool or worrying what others would think. Not depending on anybody to validate what I like and what I am like. 

This year is for me. Discovering the world. Almost like, for the first time. Without the pressure of anybody else . 

It’s funny how the world shifts when we claim our power. But the people who love us for us will stay... and those who don’t , wouldn’t have anyway . 

You should feel whole , independent, fierce and powerful no matter who you are with. If anybody makes you feel less , it’s not your friend or hell , your lover. 

Be the best version of yourself not to please others but because you deserve to have the best life. For you . 

So this year ... that’s what I’m gonna do .

In September I’m moving to a new place (more on that later✨) which is lovely and exciting and gonna be so great for new projects !

And also , in the meantime , I’ll be hanging out with BP friends coz imma miss them A LOT 🤗😏

so without further ado that’s me done for August . 

excited for September .

Elly x 

// and on that note Briar Marshall I’d like to just remind you, we made an agreement to start doing the things we always wanted to do , starting from September... so prepare my friend coz we’re on!! ♥️👊🏻