many hopes and dreams | write every day in august

hi . here’s my many hopes and dreams but please , grant me the freedom to change them whenever I change my mind . thanks. 

// film pretty videos 

// write epic stories 

// mess around with paint & colour 

// hang out with friends ♥️

// be in love (not get my heartbroken) 

// go to the gym . go running . go surfing . go swimming . go hiking . go anything . do everything .... !! 

// go to uni and study art in California (pls.) film , illustration and community arts at CCA . (hear that universe , now collide to make it happen thank u or please point me in the perfect direction of the art course that suits me 🙏🏻 ) 

// live in hawaii . run around barefoot , swimming in waterfalls . diving in headfirst . crystalline water . with a pink enriched sky painted by the sun

// play th ukulele . learn the piano . maybe guitar 

// see the many stars in NZ .

// .... and a few more ✨ as it is an ever expanding list , building a life full of curiosity, positivity and happiness .