2am | write every day in august

hey . it’s been a while . but it’s 2am and i’m sitting at the Danube coz life is brilliant . Fueled by gin&tonic and an epic conversation . what is my life even . 

first why was I absent , because I’m back in BP and all that happened dawned on me and this time I decided it doesn’t matter anymore . I could tell a story of how our family fall apart and every horrible word my mum said or my dad said . but it doesn’t matter anymore . i could tell how I was in love but got my heartbroken but it doesn’t matter anymore . I could tell I ran away from home and was lost for so long . but it doesn’t matter anymore . why I haven’t gone to uni yet , why i’m always so up in the air .... it’s a story I know so well but it’s not my story anymore because i’m only just about to write my own story with my many hopes and dreams and all and everything i ever want to do ...

Life is happening right now . And i was preparing for it for years and taking “time off” to heal and i’m still not ready so I started to say yes more and just go with it and I’m telling you if all that u want is right in front of you but u feel like you’re not readyPlease just go for it as being ever ready is an illusion, just go for it with your heart shaking , go for it with fear grasping air from your lungs , go for it with a smile because these are the best epic adventures when u decide to let go of fear and just see what happens . 

I promise you’ll be alright . there’s so much love in this world with an open heart , you’ll find the right people . you’ll feel it . being kind and loving people just coz is extremly cool . be proud of that and you shall see how it goes around comes around. good vibes and all that. you know how it is.