hi | write every day in august 01

hi . my name is Elly Winters. 
I was born in Budapest in 1995. (28th November) 
My star sign is Sagittarius if that matters. 
I half grew up in Devon, England.
Went to kinder-garden, primary school and high-school (up until I was 16) in Hungary. 
My favorite color is used to be blue . Like the ocean and the sky. but now I like them ALL equally for they are all beautiful .
I had to drop out of high school a year before graduating.
Luckily I’m much better off teaching myself out of curiosity and wanting to learn so many skills.
I played for a floorball team. My jersey number was #17
I lived in more than 25 places in the past 4 years. 
I have overexcitabilities . All five of them . (Emotional , Imaginational, Intellectual, Sensual & Psychomotor) For a long time I thought there was something really wrong with me because I didn't know and the adults in my younger life treated me as a failure when I became overwhelmed and messed up. Then a friend of mine's mum in England explained OE. She was the first adult that made me feel okay and like I could actually do incredible things. She introduced me to a lot of clever things and I'm forever grateful for that. 
Altough , traditional school system was always hard for me, I was a straight A student up until my parents' relationship went from bad to worse. After that there was a lot of shouting and abuse at home and I struggled to get good marks. I even struggled to attend my classes sometimes because I was hiding in the girl's restroom having a panic attack. 
In conclusion: trying to fill up a hole with another person - never gonna work.
Be with someone because it is so incredible you'd be silly not to. When it feels like fairy dust when you two are together and even if it's scary af to let someone in again after so many heartaches... trust your heart and believe in it. 
When my mum finally divorced, it affected her.. a lot. Eventually I had to leave home early. I gave away all of my belongings because everything reminded me that we were never going to be a family ever again and everything made me cry. For a quick second, when all seemed lost, I became fearless and bought my first one-way ticket. I went back to England as it always felt more like home than anywhere else. I went with a backpack and a very broken heart. I was supposed to stay at a friend's until I found a job and rent, but they had their own family struggles at the time and I was scared to be a burden for them so I left without a plan and that's how all of my adventures started. I was determined. I felt it in every inch of my body that life is so much better than what I was shown. That every day could be something amazing. 
At that time I said I would never come back to Budapest.
I'm in Budapest. 
But that was only the beginning.
And I know, this is only the beginning, too ...