the beginning of everything

    I want you to know no matter where you are, what age, gender, colour, height or weight or anything... I love you. I see you. And I know that you are majestic wonder meant to create incredible things. I believe in you and I know that no matter what happened, you have all the power to create the best life for youself. Built on love, instead of fear. Okay? I want you to know, I know how it feels, when the world crumbles, when you lose everything you ever loved, when nothing that you do makes sense or feels good enough. I know because it happened to me too.

    Sometimes I have no idea how I lived through what I did. But I did. And it made me strong and passionate and I learnt to love and be kind, regardless. To see beauty in everyday moments. To see people for the love they really are. To tear down the walls built by illusion of "safety". Essentially, we are all the same. Essentially, there's nothing to be afraid of. Essentially, I fell in love with friggin' everything.

    I lived in more than 25 places in the past 4years. I never actually intended to move so much. I set out on a journey to let go of limitations I was taught to believe growing up. Layers upon layers that didn't belong to me. For ever in my life I had this incredible spark inside my chest (and you do too) and I always believed it to be true... but then a lot of heavy stuff happened and it felt like I had so much dark smudge in between me and this neverending fire. I felt like it just couldn't shine through anymore. But trust me, if you feel this way,your fire isn't lost, only forgotten, you are not broken. Cherish what you feel and I know that you will turn it into miracles.

    Each change and each situation helped me let go of something that didn't belong to me. Each time I felt so much lighter. A little bit more myself, and a little bit less of these layers, unspoken walls, holding us back from infinite possibilities.

    I gathered courage to walk through my shadows and breath love into coldhearted fear. I started to speak my truth, with a voice still shaking. I trembled and messed up so many times. I cried and felt empty and lost but then I got stronger and better at it and slowly but surely I'm learning to trust and actually follow my intuition and make the best out of anything.

And I want you to know that I'm here and you're not alone. ❤👊
You matter more than you think

/ Elly /