identity crisis

where does it come from
what does it mean
I am a lot more scared than I seem
you tell me I’m brave and I still don’t believe it

let me just fall this time, no safety net
i’ll hit the ground this time, I’ll be dead

I want to believe it. there’s still so much to live for

but what does it mean
and where does it come from
and what’s the point if we’re all so sad
doing jobs we don’t like

…what makes you think i’ll make it?
you put your money on me. why
”because you’re a dreamer and a survivor
and those kind of people, do things. “

but what if I won’t
or what if I’ll do it in the wrong way

how do I even know what I was meant for
I like too many things and I can’t “just pick one.”

Elyna Winters