from me. to you, 22

I don’t understand a lot of things right now.

in fact, I don’t know anything
but that must be what twenty two feels like, right?

I know I want something real
but I have no idea what makes it.
constantly questioning.
is this it? is this real? is this what i’m supposed to do…

I have a positive spark engraved into my bones
and I cannot give up even if it’s the worst of worsts. I know because I tried.
Something in me just knows that there are better things and we can make it.
Anything we feel inside and I mean, really feel. Not just because it would look cool. Not just to impress others. But because it burns so bright, aching to breath life into… those things, are there for a reason. We feel the desire because we have ALL the ability, even if it seems like the most impossible things sometimes. It’s there because it was meant to be for us. To make it happen. To make it real.

Elyna Winters